Lupercales is an empirical programme about lighting design in urban areas and community engagement on designing the use of public spaces.

From an inspiration that comes from urban planning theories whose aim is to build community and reactivate public space, we work these ideas on the ground.

Our purpose is to induce, to arrange the conditions for emergence, or, clearer: to make things happen.

Since we are convinced that most results are unpredictable, we choose experimentation as a tool for learning. The process and the results will be recorded as collection of datas, sketches, images and video, useful material to get conclusions from the practice and base for further actions.
Multiple views from people participating in the workshop and the intervention will be recorded, too.

We believe in the power of this practice to obtain fruitful conclusions that would apply to further research.
Our hope is to roughly fundament a practice that would be part of our professional development as lighting designers. We want to make things with people, too, to better communicate the importance of light and the values that lighting design is able to share with the community.

Lupercales members:
Alberto Barberá Duelo, Irene Bas, Paolo Portaluri, Álvaro Valdecantos